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Professional Skincare Vs. MLM Skincare

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I almost didn‘t write this post, however I feel obligated to discuss this topic. As a licensed professional, it is my job to educate you on what is in your skincare, good and bad.

Multi-Level Marketing has been around for many years. The idea that someone can make an extraordinary living from selling these products (makeup, skincare, clothing, etc) is insane. Unless you’re at the top, or have alot of people signed up under you. I’m not here to bash anyone or start any arguments, I just want to educate others on the truth regarding these type of companies. I hate seeing people misled, and talked into signing up. A majority of these company’s representatives post their “huge“ paychecks (with the amount covered up), and spread false hope and dreams to vulnerable women, in an attempt to get them to sign up. Why do they do this? Because they make money from people signing up under them. I have seen many swear up and down this isn’t the case, just look into it first ladies. They either get a bonus for you signing up under them, and/or earn extra money from the amount you sell in the future. I see individuals put more effort into getting people to sign up under them than actually selling the products. Enough about this, i could go on, but we will save that for another post. I just want you all to understand these companies in their entirety so you aren‘t misled. My main piece of advice is, do your research! I know way to many women who fell for these companies promises, and regret ever signing up.

Lets move on to skin care and why it’s so important to understand what ingredients are in your daily regimen.

To respect the privacy of these companies, I will not be naming any names. Today we are going to discuss the differences of Profession Skincare and MLM Skincare or OTC Skincare. It is VERY important you know what is in your skincare. The lines I carry and trust wholeheartedly are professional, all natural lines. They have fresh ingredients such as tea trea oil for oily/acne prone skin, rose geranium for calming sensitive skin, and manuka honey known for its healing and skin benefits. Those are just a few of the many natural ingredients in The Body Deli. These products penetrate deeper in the skin, and have long term benefits that will help improve your skin over time. However, MLMs might claim they help with these things, they are not long term benefits. Sure you may see an improvement with these, but how long will that last? Do you recognize the ingredients in them, or do they sound foreign? Is there a high quantity of fillers in the products? How many active ingredients are there? I examine every ingredient in my skin care products, as well as other lines. One thing I have noticed is that several of the different MLM based skincare lines (not naming names), contain high amounts of fillers, and few active ingredients.

This is important to note. While these products may moisturize your skin, or make your skin appear to “glow” shortly after applying. They are actually doing very little underneath the skin. Applying just a regular cream/lotion can give this same illusion. This isn't treating your skin concern, and long term benefits are slim to none. When you aren’t certain of the ingredients in your skin care and use products you aren’t familiar with, you risk damaging your skin, and can potentially cause more issues later on down the road. I have quite a few clients that are battling skin issues originating from damage caused by several ”skin care“ brands in the MLM industry. This is why it’s so important to use products that you trust, understand the ingredients of, and that are recommended from a Licensed Professional.

As stated previously, when deciding what skincare you need for your skin, it is ALWAYS best to consult a licensed professional. I personally have invested quite a bit of time, money, and energy towards countless post-graduate certifications. I never stop researching products/ingredients, I only carry top of the line skincare products, and I’m always adding new treatments to my service menu. I do all of this to continually advance in my field, as a professional, and to ensure I can educate others to the best of my ability.

Estheticians are trained to know what skincare products to recommend (based on skin issue), what treatment protocol to recommend, and what is best for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different and one product isn’t the “magic potion” for every individual. That’s why I don’t understand how MLM representatives can recommend products to someone. They do so without a skin consultation (performed by a professional), not knowing their skin type, their diet, etc. There are many factors that go into treating skin concerns. This is why it’s very important to have a skin consultation with a professional, who can determine what is causing the issue and recommend the best treatment/skin care regimen.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I truly can’t see how you can be a “professional” or a “business owner” selling products that you pay a small fee to sell. It just doesn’t work that way.

To learn more about MLMs, I suggest listening to the podcast “The Dream.“ It is a very informative podcast going in depth about MLM’s and the history behind them. I 100% trust the professional lines I carry and will continue to educate about the importance of good quality, pure skincare.


Jordan Wyles

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